Passionately meeting the Trends of the future for a Safer and a more Indulging House & Garden,
through a well defined & balanced combination of appropriate Design, Technical Innovation and
Cutting Edge Energy Efficient User Friendliness that increases consumer satisfaction, value added
and profits for all involved.

Supplying increased and sustainable profitability through

- Concepts & Products fit for purpose and in tune with todays trends through a Greener Design
and thus minimal environmental impact.

- Optimised Functionality and User Friendliness

- Maximised Quality & Safety through cutting edge innovation & highest technology choice.

Lowering of the environmental impact will become increasingly more important.
The Garden is more & more becoming an extension of Outdoor Living, Lounge &
Dining and as such given a more modern, personal & design orientated " look " and as such also
constantly updated in order to follow changing trends.
Fashion & " get togethering " plays a more and more important role in the design
and decoration of the Garden and areas in the Garden such as Patios, Orangeries etc. hence the
trends in Barbeceuing, Spaaing & Pool side gathering.
Design, tidyness, and as a consequence hereof " the overall look " is becoming
increasingly important and as such driving further Consumer investments within these areas.