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Hygienic Ultra Sonic (UHZ) Customized Pest Repelling System™ (H-UHZ CPRS)™

Greener & Cleaner – Minimal energy consumption and no involvement of poisonous
chemicals or messy handling of traditional catchers.

Efficient – Proven efficiency by utilising more than 10 year experience in research of the
natural behavior of animals and development of the Hygienic Ultra Sonic (UHZ)
Customized Pest Repelling System™.

Safe & Hygienic – Harmless for humans and other pet animals (except rodents). No
disposing of dead rodents or possible evil-smelling effects due to dead hidden rodents.

User & Animal friendly – Easy to handle through direct plug-in. Avoids possible contact
of poisonous chemicals by children or pets.

Highest quality levels – Proven quality and design. Manufactured to highest quality
levels with all safety certificates for use within EU.