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Longer Wave IR Gentle Heating System™ (Lw-IR GHS)™

Greener & Cleaner – 45% less energy consumption than traditional IR techniques
through the more efficient Longer Wave IR Gentle Heating System™.

Highest heat conversion rate – Energy is converted into gentle “non burning” and healthy
heating through most modern carbon fiber and reflector technology*.

Highest heat efficiency – 98% of power consumption is transformed into efficient heat
radiation*. No heat loss because “non wind depend” in combination with freedom of

Soft, pleasant & quick heating – 0 sec start up – Extended research and development
behind the special Lw IR technique for a gentle and healthy heating of human tissue.

Safer & longer lasting – Highest safety levels with tilt switch, non burning cover and
grid. CE/GS safety certificates. Developed for outdoor and indoor use with IPX4 approval.

Contemporary modern design - Fit for purpose independent of fashion, taste and individual
patio lay out.

* through independent tests by University of Lund,Sweden